The best integration between the design companies Printful and Tshirtbundles

design companies integration

Are you looking for the best design company? Why not engage the Plicks design company. It is highly reputable and works closely with Printful – its printing and delivery partner.

The advantage of working with reputable design companies is that you are assured of everything falling into place as it should. You can easily get beautiful designs that you can use in products that will then be delivered by your delivery partner.

If you are planning to start a successful online business, you can focus on print on demand or drop shipping. This is how you can start a print on demand business effortlessly.

Starting an online business requires you to be smart enough to know the best platforms to partner with. Also, strive to keep your customers so that they can keep buying from you. Investing in the right marketing strategies will also ensure you remain at the top as you engage your customers.


The Supported design companies and platforms on Printful

Once you start your print on-demand business, you can integrate with printful using Shopify, Etsy, wooCommerce, and other online store platforms. What you need to ensure is that you have a reliable design partner like Plicks .


Supported platforms on Printful - Design Companies

Supported platforms

I will show you how to go about using Printful on any online store for print on demand or drop shipping. In drop shipping, you talk with a third party and advertise their products on your online store.

You set your prices in your online store, and when a customer orders, you buy directly from the third party who then sends it to the customer directly. You can either brand with your company’s brand or use the default product brand.


The Major Advantages of Using Printful

Once you integrate with them, this is what they can do for you:

  • Provide local fulfillment

 This platform offers great shipping rates and consistent quality. Hence, you are assured that when a client orders some certain products, they will be delivered to them early enough.


  • Personalized branding

Did you know that you can still integrate with them and have the delivered products with your brand name. All the products will be fulfilled and shipped using your brand name. You simply get all the credit!

Let’s take the example of Plicks, you can get an ideal design that you can use for the t-shirts you want to sell. Then use it to fulfill your order to the required customers.


  • High-quality products

If you partner with them, be assured of getting high-quality items delivered to your customers. It uses industry-leading tech. The other thing is the quality material and ink they use to imprint onto the various products


  • Reliable design maker

Printful features a design maker that you can use to create unique designs. It allows you to access over 80 million visuals from Getty images. If you would want to access professional designers, you can get access through a reliable design company like Plicks. Hence, be assured that you will provide amazing products to your customers.


  • Easy automation

The Printful integrations will readily import orders from your store and start doing the needful. This will save on the time that would be used in contacting them.

Automation makes it easier to fulfill orders. Additionally, products are only created when a customer places an order. Hence, you won’t have any leftover stock. 


How Printful works



This is how it works. You simply connect your online store to Printful to add your products. When a customer explores your store and makes a purchase. That’s where it comes in.

They take care of the order to ensure the fulfillment process is smooth. When the product is delivered, you will get all the credit. This is because your company name is the one which will be branded rather than Printful. It is like your reliable, invisible printing partner.

  • Printful will help you sell custom products globally and save on time.
  • You can create customized products for yourself, friends, and family. All of them will be of high quality.
  • It allows you to store your products. Once you order, you can store them for when a customer orders and you deliver directly.


Printful for your print on demand business

This allows you to start your online store with no inventory. The fulfillment centers are mainly in the USA, Europe, and Australia.

If you are in a print on demand business, items are printed as soon as an order is made. Hence, with POD, you can create customized designs for various products and sell them under your brand. When using Printful, it automatically sends orders to the nearest fulfillment center after which the items are produced between 2-7 days.

If you integrate your print on demand business with Printful, you are assured of timely fulfillment with no leftover stock. Products are only produced when a customer places an order.  There are no order minimums, you won’t even have to invest in expensive equipment

Moreover, you won’t need to have bulk products that will remain idle because of bulk production. The other thing is that it fulfills and ships everything under your brand, hence, you will get all the credit.  All you will need to pay for; is the fulfillment and shipment fees.

The integrations allow automatic order import from your store. Hence, you won’t need to do it manually. Additionally, Printful offers the best shipping options in the world.  The advantage of a print on demand business is that payment is made upon delivery, there is no need for an inventory, less risk, and it’s easy to diversify products.



With Printful, you get to choose what you want to sell. There is no limitation on that. You don’t get limited in the kind of products that you can sell. All you need to cater for are the fulfillment and shipping costs whenever you get an order. In addition, it always notes when a customer orders and fulfills the order. Everything is delivered using your brand name. In addition, you get to sell your products globally.