Different types of Custom Bag Designs

Different types of custom bag designs for your print on demand business

Trying to find the most ideal products like custom bag to use in your print on demand business is not a difficult task as such. You can start by categorizing items concerning their purposes.

 For example, you could start with home decor, accessories, kitchenware, and apparel among many others. You can now come up with designs that would fit in or in other words blend with the items and choose a company that print your designs for your customers like Plicks.

 First things first, try to observe the commonly used types of bags around and apply your creativity there. You could also partner up with tailors or dealers in different types of custom bag to have a constant supply of various kinds of bags.

You could also advertise your print on demand business on social media and make it known that you specialize in custom bag designs. Partnering with social media influencers is a step ahead in this kind of advertisement, as a large audience will be reached at the same time.


6 Different Types Of Custom Bag Designs For Your Print On Demand Business


Tote bag - custom bag designs 

Here are some of the different kinds of bags:

1. Pouches

They are used by ladies to put money, make-up, cards, and other accessories. Using female influencers in social media to advertise your custom bag designed pouches would capture several interested customers.

Aesthetic designs would do great with such pouches since they are simple and appealing. Researching on commonly used designs on pouches would also make a huge difference, since you will have done designs that are somehow common on pouches as expected.

The pouch materials should also be considered concerning the printing methods one is using.


2. Laptop sleeves

When it comes to laptop sleeves, calm designs and patterns would do. If the customer has specified it to be more detailed, then be it. You would need a very good tailor who knows how to make high-quality laptop sleeves.

A good laptop sleeve has good padding, as well as smooth edges. Laptop sleeves vary in size depending on the different laptop sizes. A great idea of advertising your designs on laptop sleeves could be by partnering with laptop agencies or dealers. Through this partnering, you could sell the sleeves at slightly lower prices than your normal prices to attract laptop buyers. This could promote your work in a very good way.


3. School backpacks

This is one of the commonly used types of custom bag designs. The different backpack materials are canvas, nylon, polyester, PU leather, and synthetic among others.

It is now up to you as a print on demand business dealer to gauge the most favorable backpack materials concerning the printing method you are using. The popularity of bag materials among people also determines the materials you can use.

Make sure that the bags your suppliers bring you are of good quality. Features of good quality backpacks include having a padded back, laptop partition, or even a separate laptop sleeve, as well as good straps.

Printing animation designs and patterns would be a great idea that makes backpacks look very attractive.


4. Tote bags

A tote bag is a large or small unfastened bag with parallel handles that are attached from the sides of the bag. The main use of this kind of bag is to carry shopping essentials, clothes or even books. These bags have become popular of late due to their various uses.

The common types of tote bags are picnic tote bags, diaper tote bags, market tote bags, and swimming tote bags among others. The common materials of these bags are canvas, cotton, polyester, and in other cases embroidered materials.

African prints would look nice on such bags, or even making your unique custom bag designs of wild animals. You do not have to copy exact designs from others, since you can try modifying them. Customers also have the free will of suggesting the kind of designs they want.


5. Drawstring bags

Drawstring bags are small, lightweight bags that are adjustable with two strings. These bags are most ideal for workouts and swimming since they can be folded if they are not in use and occupy less space.

Simple designs would work for such bags. They are popular since they have a good weight-bearing capacity as well as simplicity.


6. AOP fanny pack

These are small pouches worn like a belt around the waist by use of a strap above the hips, and there are also those that are worn on the chest.

They are common among the youth. Simple patterns and animations would do for these kinds of bags. The common materials used in making these bags are PU leather, polyester, and synthetic.




custom bag designs for print on demand business

It is therefore easy to figure out custom bag types you could use on your print on demand business. It will all depend on the orienting method you are using to determine the bag material you will be working with.

Consulting other print on demand, dealers would also help you have more ideas on how to deal with bags. Tailors and bag suppliers could also guide you on the bag materials that are most preferred in the market.