Common Problems Encountered by Any Print on Demand Provider

Common Problems Encountered by Any Print on Demand Provider

Print on demand is the process whereby a print on demand provider prints a label for someone using his/her specifications/liking. This process can also be termed as customization.

The printing can be done on a basketball kit, football jersey, hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, scarves, leggings etc.

Print on demand is the best forum for creative minds since they can be able to come up with their unique designs and features and market them online and be able to earn from them (earning from your creativity).


Print On Demand Provider Problems


Print On Demand Provider Problems

In this article we will discuss problems that are usually encountered by any print on demand provider:

1. Variety and Design

The design you use and the different varieties of your label or work will make your business brand stand out among the rest.

Coming up with a top-notch design and variety can be a bit challenging, requires a lot of work, and creativity.

The unique designs can attract customers, and having a variety will make them remain loyal to your print on demand business. Hence, without personalization, it will be hard to earn or attract customers.


2.Quality and efficiency

As a print on demand provider, you will have to come up with top-quality products at all times. On-time delivery of quality work will make one to remain relevant in the market as well as acquire and retain  many customers.

The quality of work according to the customers’ preference can be a challenge at times, but as a print on demand provider, you have to deliver at all times without compromise.

You also need to give importance to efficiency. This discipline will help you to  deliver products on time, keep your word, and come up with the exact work as the customer demand.


3. Size and color

This is one of the major challenges that is encountered by any print on demand provider. Once a demand has been made, it is not easy to return it, so in case you miss out or get the sizes wrong, that will be a big loss which might end up eating on your profits.

This can be worked on by providing accurate size guides. Also, in your print on-demand business, ensure you give the appropriate colors available and sizes. You can easily give false expectations and make your customers disappointed. 


4. Design ideas

The designs you offer play a big role in keeping you relevant in the market. Coming up with design ideas can be a problem, especially after coming up with several other ideas. 

That’s why you can opt to partner with a print on-demand design supplier like Plicks. Alternatively, you can outsource a designer from various freelance platforms.

If you choose a POD supplier that also fulfills shipping, you need to ensure they are fast enough to ensure products reach your customers on time. They also need to note orders made on your platform fast. 


5. Differentiating

Differentiating is also a major POD problem. If you want to get your products noticed, you need to make your products unique in the flooded market.

This will ensure you outdo your competitors and acquire loyal customers. Also, try and perform a competitor analysis to know the gap that hasn’t been fulfilled yet and take advantage of that.

Differentiating will make you come up with something unique that will be the label or design to be noticed easily or at a go.


6. Sustainable growth/upscale

Basically, this problem requires you to remain relevant and expand your brand. This is only possible if you have unique products, provide products that are in season, and know your audience well.

The more creative you are, the more customers you will be able to attract to your print on demand business. 

It is usually so draining to come up with new and different concepts now and then. Sometimes you may even be bound to hit a wall or run out of ideas.


7. Customer service

Customer service is an important aspect of your business. How you treat your customers will determine if you will get more orders or not. A good reception will warrant more orders and customers.

As a print on demand provider, it is hard to be available throughout, responding to the complaints and queries that the customers might be having. You may even be busy handling other personal businesses, hence being unavailable to respond to the queries, leading to loss of clients.

Hence, have a good business model to ensure you solve this problem to prevent loss of clients. Also, you can try using the best marketing strategies to reach your target audience and even get feedback.


8. Choosing the niche

Coming up with your niche can be a big problem since you have to come up with something interesting and eye-catching without necessarily going with what is on the market. 

As a print on demand provider, you have to come up with your style not just going with what is trending at that particular time, this will make you stand out and be identified easily.


9. Partners

The partners are key and important players since they will determine the success or downfall of your business.

The partners are the people to help you with your supplies, the companies to help you with shipping, and the service providers.

It can be a bit challenging to identify the real and genuine partners who will help you out in your business, a mistake in the identification of partners might lead to loss of clients and business.


10. Delayed profitability

There is a lot of creative work in the market. Hence, it can take you some time to start making a profit. Thereby, never be quick while making new decisions in your business.

This might easily make you feel discouraged in this venture, but with patience and hard work you can succeed in your print on demand business.


11. Competition overload in print on demand business

There is a lot of competition in this market because of evolving innovations. The competition can make it so hard for you as a print on demand provider to make a sell-out of their work or creativity.




Print On Demand Business Disadvantages

Starting a print on demand business is fine. However, you need to ensure it remains sustainable. If your business starts going at a loss rather than profit, know that there is something wrong. Hence, ensure you try your best to use the best strategies that will help out your competitors and retain customers.

Also, always do thorough research to know the current market trends and what is fashionable at the moment.