Why your Print on Demand Business is Failing?

Why your Print on Demand Business is Failing

The energy, time and effort you invest in your print on demand business determines its success or failure. There are instances, you may feel that you have invested enough in your business, but it is not going in the direction that you expect.

Yes, we all get that feeling and even feel like giving up. However, that shouldn’t be an option anymore.

Look on the bright side, we will help you understand where you normally go wrong. This will help you mend your failures to make your print on demand business a success.

Even the biggest companies, started from scratch and they climbed the ladder with time. So, will your print on demand business!


Reasons why your print on demand business is failing?


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1) Listening to too much advice

There is no issue with listening to advice and even getting insights from blogs, YouTube, Medium, Pinterest, podcast and even from your friends. However, remember too many cooks spoil the broth.

Yes, you will get all sorts of insights from different people and be motivated to use the insights in your business. However, you need to ask yourself:

  • Has this person ever operated a print on demand business?
  • Did he/she succeed or fail in his/her print on demand business?
  • What should I pick from this and from that?
  • Do I have all the resources needed?
  • Does this idea seem workable?

In all success stories, there is always a background story, so if you just focus on the positive and the success you will feel depressed when you don’t earn as much as you would want.

Thus, try to limit the insights you take and also make your decisions. Follow your initial path, unless otherwise.

Also, you have to consider that something that was working in 2017 or 2018 may not work currently. Thus, be cautious!


2) Unreliable print suppliers

In the print on demand business, you need to get reliable suppliers who will avail the designs whenever you need them. Plicks is one of the most credible suppliers you will ever come across. Not only do you get the finest designs, but also insights on how to run your print on demand business in the right way possible.

There are many suppliers around and if you get a wrong one, they will mess your business. While looking for a supplier, it is essential to browse through their variety of designs, reviews, testimonials, and their efficiency.

Also, in your print on demand website, don’t use mockup images to display the designs. Request samples from your suppliers and take great photos of the designs. This will help draw more customers to buy your products. Make them look real, let them have the human touch.


3) Wrong choice of your Product niche

I am 100% sure that before you indulged into the print on demand business, you did thorough research to get the right niche. However, that could be costing you. If you chose a flooded niche, and don’t have unique products, be assured of failure.

Well, you may have done a considerable amount of research before choosing a particular product. But with time, try to evaluate whether the production cost is less than your selling cost. If you are not making much profit, evaluate whether you should change the product you are selling or not.

Also, don’t print your brand name/logo as your product design. That won’t be accepted easily with your customers. Actually, it may end up putting them off.

Yes, you want to promote your brand, but not in the name of the designs. Your brand is small, if you start making T-shirts with your brand name, many people will just bypass your products, but if you want to make more sales, ensure you have unique product designs.


4) Putting minimal effort into the business

You may be taking your print on demand business just like a passive form of income. Thus, without putting the right amount of attention, you are more likely to fail than someone who invested fully in the business.

This draws down to why did you start your print on demand business? Is it just for fun, a passive income, or your main source of income? The answer to this is what makes you invest and put enough effort instead of neglecting your business and waiting for it to work just like that.

Thus, in order to succeed, you need to do proper research in your specific niche, take time to learn, and also be cautious of previous mistakes. Also, get to know why your mistakes are there.

If you have a team, how do you collaborate?


5) Low product influence on your target customer’s emotions

In print on demand business, uniqueness is key. If you want to succeed, you need to have designs that your customers can easily relate to and have an emotional connection to.

Let’s take the example of the various hobbies that your target customers may have. Use designs, they can easily relate to. Be it the ones who love camping, hiking, sports, boat riding, cooking and so on.

The key thing is making an emotional connection. Something that will make your customers sit-up and want to purchase something from you. Besides, ensure you have a strong marketing strategy.

If you are planning to use social media sites, ensure you know how to use them. Facebook is a great platform where you can easily increase your sales at ease.  Hence, if you have a great niche choice and your products connect emotionally with your audience, you are good to go.




Print On Demand Business Disadvantages

You have to differentiate between starting a cloth-line and running a print on demand business. The designs are what matter, not your brand name.

Ensure you work with credible suppliers like Plicks and they will supply products with designs in your specific niche that you can then provide to your customers.

Always be sure of your target audience and the season that you are. No matter, your profession, you can thrive well in the print on demand business as long as you have passion for it. This will help you to outdo your competitors and make you a step ahead.