How to Carry out Product Personalization in your Print on Demand Business

personalized products - Product Personalization

Product Customization or product Personalization is a process of delivering customized goods and services to the customers as per their needs and desire.

Personalized products give the user mandate to upload something like a family photo onto a T-shirt provided in the collection.

For example: A funny face clouts, a clown, a circus, and much more.


What is the personalized products?


Print On Demand Personalization

Product personalization and product customization are terms used interchangeably in the print on demand business context. They are at times confused, but all address a similar concept.

Product personalization is one of the most popular techniques used in print on demand business to make sales. Big platforms also like Etsy have personalized products which consistently rank in the top search results. 

Sellers who embrace the product personalization tend to get more engagements, get purchases, and more visitors  than those who don’t customize and personalize their goods and products.


Ways To Carry Out Product Personalization In Print On Demand Business


Ways To Carry Out Product Personalization 

There are various ways you can use to carry out product personalization in your print on demand business

1) Come up with a good niche 

A niche is a way in which many store owners sell their personalized products. Researching for a favorable niche is one of the most difficult things for store owners unless they are affiliated with some activities such as gaming, planting, and growing even though it is very profitable to come up with one.

A specific, well-researched niche is profitable since it has a defined market that is small enough and in which there will be very little competition for the money spent whereas still maximizing on the profit.


2) Building a brand

This entails building a brand around an idea or even yourself. You can sell funny T-shirts with your slogan or references to videos you’ve done. This will help build a brand amongst your dedicated customers or fans and following (it is a proven model of working it out).

Creating a brand around an idea like a particular image or specific object can work wonders. This can entail such as the idea about funny t-shirts, funny animals, funny objects etc.

Product personalization allows you to put together hundreds of ideas and put them all into your print on demand business, you don’t even have to pay for the extra space or product designs.


3) Use mockup generator

Product personalization is kicked off by the product and the idea; choosing which product you want to customize to use for your store is always the first step to creating a product in our mockup generator.

Choosing which product to use and which provider to use to source the product. Also, you need to know whether the product is available from one provider and thus it’s paramount to research from different suppliers.


4) Upload your design

This one entails uploading your product in our mock-up generator and positioning it on the product you have chosen.  This is termed as the print area (the area which you have to work).

You can get a good sense here of how your product will look once product personalization is complete. Also, follow the directions in the mockup generator, since you don’t want your design to look blurry.

This will help give you an idea of the DPI or what is otherwise a measure of the quality for the images that you’ve uploaded. If it’s too small it won’t be sharp enough to be seen on the product you’ve chosen for product personalization.


5) Previewing Product Personalization 

This entails seeing what your product will look like, previewing the product, and even seeing what it may look like on some of the objects. This one helps to make sure the product looks nice before selling it in your print on demand business store.

Product personalization is the taking of one product and improving and making it better. It entails adding your unique take on a product and you can see exactly what that would be by looking at this preview.


6) Ordering a Sample

This is very crucial, it gives you a chance of weighing your product before you sell. It is often an overlooked step of the product personalization process. It helps to give an assurance of the product you are selling to be exactly how you would want it to look before anybody else tries to buy it.

This way you can avoid returning of products with poor quality. It helps make sure it’s what you want it to deliver to your customers.


7) Keep it Simple

Most popular designs are just quotes and don’t need more designs and skills only if they are funny and reliable.

It at times it becomes challenging to create appealing creations for the products due to limited skills. It shouldn’t worry you a lot because just a few words or sayings can make it a profitable store, though it is advisable to incorporate a designer to make your idea vivid.


 8) Designing Often

It helps to boost the chances of selling. This is because your editor’s inability to see how popular your design is in writing prevents you from really understanding which model can be able to garner more sales or get the eye of the customer.

It, therefore, gives room for a continuous design. The more systems you have, the more you can attract more viral sales.



Stale ideas can hurt your product more so if it’s a time-sensitive product that runs at a particular time or event. Fresh designing of your product makes your customers feel your store more active and trust it more.