How to Find High Selling Designs for your Print on Demand Business

How to Find High Selling Designs for your Print on Demand Business

In the business world, various categories and sub-categories have different functions. High selling designs are always on the target of every print on demand business.

Print on demand business is a type of business too, which involves working with the respective client/supplier to customize their products using your designs. 

You can also term this business as a printing technology, business whereby materials such as books, mugs, t-shirts, and many others.

The materials are printed according to the respective clients’ orders with a specified quantity.

As a business person involved in the print on demand business sector, you should be able to evaluate the factors that boost your business. For example, finding high selling designs that may be attractive and appealing to clients.


Find High Selling Designs In Print On Demand Business


High Selling Designs

As a seller, there are some factors that you are supposed to consider while creating your high selling designs that will sell.  Some of these factors are:

1. Doing Online Research

By research, I mean going through various e-shopping platforms and check out the popular and most sold designs. You can also consider checking out the reviews of the designs that seem quite popular and try to improve the negatives if there are.

Going through the designs will also give you ideas on what you can create or then again improve. You should also remember that originality matters in this business. An example of a good platform is Amazon Merch.


2. Making good use of social media platforms

As you socialize with people on social media, you can also go through business accounts that deal with designs related to print on demand business.

Through this, you might get some rough ideas of what you might create. By looking at those designs, the comments matter too, since they can serve as reviews.

Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest are good examples of social media platforms that you can find designs and create your original one. 


3. Research on what many people are interested in

You could do this by maybe using polls on your social media platforms to see what many people like. You could also try asking your friends and record accordingly and then summarize it all to see what is liked by most people.

This is a good way since you get the real information straight from real people.


4. Researching on gaps in the print on demand business

Through this method, you can do thorough research in the print on demand business sector whereby you go through all the pros and cons and then try to figure out the gap present.

Through this, you can be able to figure out what you can do involving high selling designs. First, you are to research the designs including reviews about them, the population that is interested in such, and the probability of how it will sell.

These are some factors you should consider finding the respective designs or when coming up with such.


5. Upgrading the available designs

This applies, whereas a person who deals with print on demand business will try to improve the designs you already have.

For example. If you use t-shirts only, you could try using sweatshirts, hoodies, or even pillows to promote your business and try to make it outstanding as much as possible.

It all depends on your creativity as an individual.


6. Strengths and weaknesses of other business people

You can do this by discussing with your fellow print on demand business people and try to find out the designs that are too difficult for them and those that are very simple according to them.

You can do this on a number of them and try to summarize. After the whole research, you can then decide on what to deal with, especially the ones that are voted out as weaknesses.

By doing this, it would make you outstanding since most people will not be designing them.


7. Using trending incidents

You could take advantage of a trending matter to create designs that can sell. You can get such trends on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or even check out on Google Trends.

For example, you could print relatively large volumes of t-shirts for a certain campaign or even promotion of a respective company and negotiate with the respective party. This could also boost your business reputation.

There is also some design mistake that you should avoid since they may alter with your business reputation. Some of these mistakes include:

  1. Copying other people’s work without changing a thing, which is an unethical business practice
  2. Having designs that are too plain, that is not having any kind of mood or element that is appealing to one’s eyes.
  3. Using graphical content that is violent.
  4. Using cheap, low-quality materials.




Print On Demand Business Factors

Having unique and right high selling designs in your print on demand business will up your game in the business, thus a step ahead in the success of your business. It is therefore essential to do thorough research by yourself to come up with good and unique designs for your print on demand business.

Customer research is also important, since you are supposed to be well-informed of the customers you are expected to deal with by learning what attracts them. By knowing what customer characteristics, you can be able to think of a design that would suit best and will make them purchase.

In this kind of business, creativity is the key factor if one wants to succeed. Your business etiquette also matters, since customers in one way or another determine the reputation of your business and how it will sell.