How To Choose A Print On Demand Supplier?

How To Choose A Print On Demand Supplier?

For your print on demand business to succeed you need to have a great print on demand supplier. There are many around and you need to be decisive on the one to choose. Some companies even allow you to sell t-shirts on their platform.

You need to make some considerations before choosing a print on demand supplier. There are ideal ones like Plicks who are reliable, trustworthy, and credible.

Not only do the designers offer amazing designs but also provide awesome customer support to ensure everything works out as expected.


What to consider when working with a print on demand supplier


Print On Demand Supplier

1) Order samples

So, you have already done your research and found an ideal print on demand supplier. Well, you are a step ahead. However, you should go a step further and order samples.

This will help you get a better overview of the products and even take unique photos of the various designs.

Hence, when you will have epic images that you can use with appropriate product descriptions to help make the customer understand the product.

Just decide to invest to get the samples and feel the emotion your clients would feel while getting the product.

This is a great determinant of whether your print on demand business will fail or succeed.


2) Choose quality in your print on demand business

As mentioned earlier, there are many print on demand suppliers. However, you need to opt for quality.

Yes, your budget is pre-determined, but your client’s satisfaction should also be your priority. You need to know the suppliers’ delivery speed and the kind of service they offer.

Well, if you are doing the printing you will just need to outsource the designs then supply to your customers.

However, if you have a product supplier, you need to evaluate whether they are fast enough in their delivery with great service and packaging.


3) Shopping integration

The platform you use for your print on demand business is an essential key in choosing a print on demand supplier.

Well, not all suppliers offer integration with all the shopping platforms. Thus, if you sign a contract with a print on demand supplier, yet you can’t fully integrate within your website. Then you will have a hard time!

Make sure you research on the best platforms to use for your print on demand business such as Shopify.


4) Diversity

Well, you may have gotten an ideal print on demand supplier that offers amazing products. However, you still need to have diversity or backup.

Let’s say they stop functioning, will that be the end of your print on demand business? It shouldn’t be! You need to look for alternative options you can take. Hence, diversity is key and even enlighten your customers on the same.

Thereby, seek their feedback and response and this will work as a green light to go on. Most suppliers are good, but things change overnight. That shouldn’t deter you from your progress.

Also, ensure they provide personalization of the designs. Many people like the products they can easily relate to and have an emotional connection.


5) Shipping

A vital thing is to evaluate whether they will ship the products for you, or they will deliver first to you before you send it to your clients. This primarily depends on what you want.

Also, get to know whether they will have a custom branding of your brand on their packaging. You need to discuss all the information for more success.

Get to know how long the product takes once a customer has ordered and how the shipping is calculated. This will help save you from a lot of hustle at the end.


6) Product range

In this, evaluate the product prices of the suppliers. This will help you give a proper range of how you will be selling your products. You should ensure that the selling price is higher than the production price.

This will help you be in a better position. Also, you need to be decisive of the niche you choose. You need to check the products the print on demand supplier offers and evaluate the demand and you will make better decisions that way.


7) Reviews and testimonials

How many times have you ever wanted to buy a product and first checked the review? Almost all the time, right? It is the same even in this case.

To determine if a print on demand supplier is reliable, check the reviews from previous customers. In this way, you will know whether you should trust them or not.

You will feel more at ease if you see positive testimonies from any of their partners. Some things may seem minor, but will go a long way in ensuring the success of your print on demand business.


8) Customer service

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that great customer service matters. You need to evaluate how your print on demand supplier relate to you and whether they offer great customer service. Thus, whenever an order is made, they need to be fast to ensure the products reach your clients faster.

Choose wisely and you will never regret it. Also, you need to check whether they have a return policy on goods that have been delivered. The best print on demand design suppliers like Plicks are transparent and accountable. This will go a long way in ensuring your business prospers.

The print on demand supplier also needs to have proper communication. This will be essential in the case that there will be delays and you will know how to handle it from your side.




Print on demand business products

Always remember that research is key. If you want to find a print on demand supplier you need to check the catalog of designs they provide, shipping consideration, and their unique features.

Ensure you get a print on demand supplier who has unique designs that place them apart from the rest. Quality matters!

Also, get to know the printing techniques they use and whether they suit the quality you want to offer your clients.

Some customers are normally specific to what they want. Thus, if the product description doesn’t align with the product you offer it will be troublesome.