How to design and find popular print on demand products

How to design and find popular print on demand products

If you are thinking of starting a business or how to design popular print on demand products, there are some factors that one should consider avoiding flaws in your business in the coming future.

Some of these factors include capital, maintenance cost, the business location, skills, printing methods to be used, types of designs and materials to be used, and lastly a constant supply of materials to print on.

Creativity is one of the most important elements in this print on demand business market. You could try making your designs or even modify other people’s designs in your unique way. 

Selling popular print on demand products is a very simple task concerning the online market. This is due to the rising popularity of print on demand business.


How To Find Popular Print On Demand Products Designs?


How to design or find a design Google Images

There are various methods one can use to find popular print on demand products designs and how to modify them in your way. Here are a few ways to find designs:

1. Google Search Images

You could try out random searches related to art in Google and check out the image results. You cannot fail to get one or two ideas from each search. After checking out the designs, you can now try to come up with yours or even try to modify the ones you saw. Another alternative related to this is Pinterest, where there are millions and millions of designs, and you could also upload yours.


2. Find An Inspiration

You can find design inspirations from magazines, movies, observations in the normal city life, or even novels.


3. Hiring Designers or Buying Design 

If you are not capable of making good designs as such, you could try the alternative of hiring designers or even buying designs. Professional designers could also guide you on which products to specialize in that are on-demand in the market. You could also try out software that charges to create designs. You can find designers on freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. It is all up to you where you want to get your designer, but you should consider the work quality. You can search for a graphic designer, 3D animator, or even an expert in Photoshop. If you get a person with all those skills, well that is a plus.

After figuring out the kind of designs you will use, the next step is deciding on which products to print depending on the popularity.

You can also observe and analyze the common things used by men to make life more comfortable, or even things used in workplaces.


How To Design Popular Print On Demand Products


popular print on demand products 

Try to work with the ones that fit in with the printing methods you are using in your print on demand business. You could categorize popular print on demand products to print in the following way:

1. Items Of Clothing

This category covers t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, swimwear, shirts, and sweatpants among others. T-shirts and caps are mostly used by companies to promote and make them known to people.

Individual people could also order printed hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweatpants according to their desired designs or could even want you to create designs for them and print.


2. Home Décor

This includes pillow covers, duvets, mats, and curtains. In this case, you could try applying aesthetic designs since they are mostly calm and home décor goes well with calm details.

If a customer wishes to have complex designs, then be it, work with it.


3. Wall Art and Wallpapers

Wall art comes in canvas materials which are easy to use with almost all printing methods. This is where creativity is required most. Wall arts could be placed at workplaces, hospitals, churches, restaurants, or even homes.

You should therefore try to design concerning the environment. If a customer tells you to design for them, you should consider the customer’s interests to relate them with the design when creating. This also applies to wallpaper.


4. Kitchenware

This includes mugs, plates, table mats, and kitchen towels. Mugs could also be used at work, and a company may order printed mugs with the company’s logo or name.

Individual customers may order designs that are a bit detailed and kind of hypnotizing, which, to be honest, makes mugs look more appealing. The plates could also be printed with the same designs as mugs.

Designs printed on table mats could be made to have some colors matching with the dining table’s color to compliment.


5. Accessories

This category of accessories comprises pouches, fanny bags, laptop sleeves, and phone cases. When it comes to laptop sleeves, you should be having a good tailor to make such since they should be having good padding and good shaping of the edges.

Fanny bags are most common among young people. You can try to advertise those using young social media influencers to attract a young audience.

You could try putting dark aesthetic designs, gothic or even animation-related patterns that you modified that will attract customers.

Phone cases can be random designs, and you could also take customer specifications if they want their customized designs.



In print on demand business, you are not limited to use certain products, you can also explore your other printable products and try to make a profit out of them.

Discussing with other print on demand business opportunities, dealers could also be a good idea to know about products that are on-demand in the market. You could also try to find out the printing methods that are compatible with most products.

You could also work according to the seasons, for example, in the summer, try to work more with t-shirts, caps, and shirts. Creative thinking should be applied here.