How to Find and Hire the Best T-shirt Designer For Your Print On Demand Business

How to Find and Hire the Best T-shirt Designer

The best T-shirt designer is still categorized in the print on demand business. Print on demand business is a printing technology, business whereby books, mugs, posters, sweaters, t-shirts, or any printable materials are not printed till the respective enterprise receives an order allowing prints of the respective quantity.

Almost all the individuals in the print on demand business have graphic design skills to complement their careers. 3D animation could also be a plus skill in this business since there is an emergence of 3D printers for the 3 D printing.

Print on demand Business is a rapidly growing market. The commonly known limitation for this kind of business is that there is no control over the packaging.

The hardest part of this kind of business as a customer is finding the best T-shirt designer who will ensure that you do not struggle as such when you want your work done.

You are supposed to weigh among in-house T-shirt designers, freelancers, and design agencies. On Plicks, you will get the best designs you can use for your merchandise.

You also have to identify the flaws and strengths of each designer you get. On your side, you also have to be understanding of the designers and be reasonable.


Factors to consider when looking for the best t-shirt designer for your print on demand business


Best T-shirt Designer

1. The material of your T-shirts

Some people may not be perfect when dealing with polyester material, rather they are good at purely cotton materials which might affect the product output.

You are therefore supposed to consider a designer who is good with all kinds of cloth materials to avoid disappointments. 


2. The best t-shirt designer work criteria

You might find an individual designer goes through many steps before starting the ordered work, which takes a longer time to finish the work.

You can also find another designer who plans the work quickly and does the work within a short period.

In such a case, it depends on you if you want the t-shirts urgently or they could wait. Generally, an efficient designer takes less time to work on your ordered merchandise. The designer’s availability matters too in print on demand business.


3. The cost

In this case, the service’s cost matters a lot. It is true to say that most expensive designers have good quality services and products, but it is not for all designers. Some are just overrated for no reason.

You are therefore expected to check up on respective designers’ reviews compared to relatively cheaper ones and the weigh according to your budget. Truly, cost can also guide you to the best t-shirt designer.


4. The experience

The experience of the designer also matters, since you want quality services with little or no flaws. It is, therefore, better to choose those with experience.

If you are also into trying out amateurs, then well and good, but find one who is kind of trustworthy. This applies to the reviews of various graphic designers on our list. The rating matter too.


5. The type of graphic designer

There are three categories of graphic designers which are: in-house, freelance, and design agency. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, where it is up to you to weigh and loom at the most favorable one.


6. A place to find the best t-shirt designer

There are various sites where you can find t-shirt designers, where it is based on the flexible and cost-effective arrangement. Such sites include:

  • Behance – which is dedicated to helping creative showcase their work and attract work opportunities.
  • Iconfinder and Iconarchive which are marketplaces for vector icons.
  • Dribble is a community of designers and professionals and an inspirational destination for top-notch design work.

They are but just a few of the sites, whereas an individual you can find graphic designers for T-shirts.


7. Uniqueness in products

This is where the best t-shirt designer knows how to make your products look conspicuous and more personalized. Some personalized features include putting labels of the respective company on arm collars or at the top back of the t-shirts.

Such features attract more people, which is exactly what one wants. It is therefore essential to find the best t-shirt designer who knows how to personalize professionally.


8. Looking for the style that matches with yours

You might be looking for a graphic designer who deals with things you are most interested, which will attract you quickly.

The reason behind this is that you will be able to communicate easily regarding the respective work since the graphic designer is used to doing such, which is a plus.

You could also try running small trial projects to test their skills. If you are satisfied, then well and good.




T-shirt Business

If you own a company and want some printing to be done for you on fabrics such as t-shirt, it is essential to look for a graphic designer using your criteria that is most suitable for you.

Suitable for you in the sense that it fits in with your budget as well as the quantity since some deal with small scale while others are large scale. It is also important to run small trials on your chosen graphic designers to ensure that you did not pick the wrong people or a person.

While hiring or employing these designers on full-time terms, it will require you to act following the law as well as taxes. Finding a good graphic designer is indeed a challenge. As a client, while looking for a graphic designer, you should have figured out what you want to get designed to be clear with your specifications.

To conclude, if you are looking for the best t-shirt designer you should consider long-term services which might save you tons of briefing time as well as lead to discounts in the future.