How to personalize products in Print on demand Business – Case study

How to personalize products in Print On Demand Business

People love themselves and if they can get personalized products, they always opt for them. Personalized products make people feel great and spike some emotions. Shopify is a great platform that you can use to create your print on demand store.

The night sky and Lou Paper are some of the best companies that get a lot from their sales. If you want to succeed in print on demand, you need to consider personalized products like gifts, moments, memories, people, T-shirts, mugs, bags, and accessories. If you use personalized products in print on demand, you can even get eight figures in revenue.


For Companies, How To Personalize Products To Boost Sales In Print On Demand Business


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For starters, the Night Sky is one of the best stores that use personalization to its advantage. The company is amazing and has devoted its time to providing great personalized products for its customers. They deal with custom star maps. Their brand is on another level.

1) Packaging and order fulfillment

Etsy is one of the best product research platforms. You can use it to see mostly bought items. For example, people purchase from the Night Sky then sell on other platforms. They have some great fast shipping.

Additionally, if you order, you get your personalized star map on time. You can also use Printful which is a reliable print fulfillment company. Research on your target market, to know what strategy to take.

Additionally, it is great to have custom branding for personalized products. Branding provides a sense of ownership. When in the print on demand business, ensure you have great packaging to provide confidence to your customers.


2) Quality material

The night sky is one of the companies that provide nice packaging of quality personalized products. You can never regret your purchase. Quality makes customers come back for more and even refer other customers to your store.

The night star map material is normally super thick with clear details. Their website is also easy to navigate through. You can’t find yourself complaining.


3) Provide snippets of product

It is important to have a snippet of the product. The aim is to tell the customer what to expect when they order the item. Hence, if you are planning to start an eCommerce site, consider writing everything that a customer may want to know before making a purchase. The photo should also be clear enough.


4) Give guidelines

It is also important to tell people how they can order and the procedure to take. In most ideal companies they give information on who they are, what their mission is, the ideal products they offer, and how to go about it. Also, customer support needs to be reliable to ensure customers don’t get stuck while ordering.


5) Great features of customization and personalized products

If we take the example of the night sky, it has a map creator that you can use to customize the kind of map that you need. Hence, you can change the color, settings, and all other information through the website.

The site has been active since 2017, hence has continually grown which has made it increase its revenue over time. The secret is the strategy you use. Personalization is the best!


6) Simple top bar

If you want people to easily navigate through the site, you need to customize the menu bar for it to be easy for the customers to order or customize their products. Very minimal people visit certain pages. Hence, just use a few menu bar options. Additionally, use a minimalistic design to ensure to get more customers. If a page is rarely visited, use it on a drop-down, rather than on the top bar.


7) The email campaign

It is important to have an email campaign that focuses on your customer. For example, if your website allows the customers to design their custom products, ensure to notify them that their product design has been saved for future convenience.

They can even edit the design before getting it. Additionally, in email campaigns, a company can expound more about the brand, social proof, upsell or cross-sell, and anything more dependent on the order. It is important to interact better with the customer.


8) Facebook ads

In Facebook ads, you need to speak directly to the customer. You can use emojis to spice up the captions provided. This is like playing with a customer’s psychology. Make them want to purchase the product.

If it is on an occasion, try to make the potential customer realize that it is the best gift that they can buy. Also, remember to give reasons why it is the best decision to make and create a picture of a life event.

On Facebook, it should redirect to your homepage that has a lot of information. This is to sell your brand. Also, remember to invest in your company’s social media sites. Instagram is a great place that you can gain more potential customers for your products. However, remember to post often to keep the followers engaged.


9) Website optimization

The website should be fast enough to prevent your customers from getting bored when the website becomes slow and doesn’t load fast. The sales should be more than the number of visits.

If visits are more without sales then that is sad. The more the sales the more the revenue. An ideal website should speak more about your brand, products, and give the customer allowance to customize products to their liking.


10) Quality photos

If you want to boost the sales on the website, it is important to input quality photos that will show the customers what they should look forward to. Remember that the more you invest in having great photos, reviews, testimonials, packaging, and everything else. You will increase your customer base.

The essence of personalized products is ensuring people’s wants are met. Yes, you can create original designs, but if people can’t relate well with them, then what’s the essence? Hence it is important to invest in the best to ensure you provide your customers with something they will always look at and feel proud of.




Print On Demand Personalization

There are many Shopify sites out there that are offering great personalized products like Night sky. The ideal secret is getting out of your comfort zone and filling the gap.

If you see a site like Night Sky, not only do they have quality items, but also provide you a chance to customize the maps to your liking.

You can partner with a great print on demand design company and provide the best items for your customers. Personalization can outdo any kind of competition out there.