Outdo Your Competitors In Your Print On Demand Business

Outdo Your Competitors In Your Print On Demand Business

In every business venture, you will always find competition and to outdo your competitors is a tricky task. Unless, it is a new concept you are bringing to the market or technology, be assured that someone else had the same idea as you.

However, that should not worry you, there are a variety of ways you can outdo your competitors and stand out. That’s why you find some credible brands like Nike, Adidas, and Coca-Cola tend to stand out because of the strategies they put in place.

Do you still have doubts that your Print on demand business can’t outshine others? If you are working in a team, brainstorming is essential to get everyone’s view of everything.

In this article, I will help you get a better overview of simple things you can do to ensure your print on demand business stand out and to outdo your competitors at all times.


Ways To Outdo Your Competitors In Print On Demand Business


Outdo your Competitors 

1) Focus on your competitors

While starting a print on demand business, we often focus on the profit, rather than how to acquire customers. Potential customers are everywhere and so are your print on demand competitors. 

Ask yourself:

  • What do you have to offer, that will make potential customers convert to customers? Is your brand welcoming?
  • What are your competitors in the print on demand business doing that you aren’t? Are their products better?
  • How do they visualize their products and services? Is that something you can’t do too?


Well, don’t get me wrong, you ain’t supposed to copy what they are doing, you just need to see what they are doing and brainstorm with your team. Hence, know what you can do using a similar concept.

If you copy, you won’t be unique, but if you try out something new, more people will be driven to your brand and therefore you will outdo your competitors.


2) Identify your specific competitors

Before taking any other step, you need to first jot down your competitors in the niche. You can do this using a competitor analysis tool that will help you identify and outdo your competitors.

You can then examine what they offer, how they relay their message, and how they connect with their target customers.

In the list, ensure you include what kind of designs they provide and their product niche. Also, research on their market share and content they have.

Moreover, you can try to subscribe to their blogs, emails, etc. To always get a glimpse of their advancement in their business.

This is not spying it is identifying new strategies they are putting in place.


3) Identify your unique selling point

After analyzing your competitors, you should be in a better position to determine your unique selling point.

While browsing through you should be optimistic that you are better! Have this affirmation, “My print on demand business has designs for different occasions, sports, and hobbies, that my competitors don’t”.

This will give you confidence, and with that, you will know the steps to take to make your unique selling point greater. That’s why you need to have a solid business model that you can easily modify to make your print on demand business better.


4) Social media presence

Everyone today is using social media. It can be for personal, business, or work reasons. Thus, if you have a print on demand business, you need to have a strong social media presence.

You should at least have an account on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and many other social media platforms. Your print on demand business needs to be visible.

Thus, someone may be referred by a friend to your business, when they google and not find your company’s details, he/she may choose another option. Thus ensure when someone searches for your brand like “Plicks POD suppliers” you appear on the first page on the search engines.

This also helps to provide confidence. Modify your website and blog to be appealing to your customers.


5) Relationship with your customers

Yes, your customers have bought custom made products from your platform. Make a follow up to know whether they got what they expected. Make it a habit to try and seek feedback from your customers to ensure you are on the same page.

Also, engage with people on social media platforms, follow other creative businesses like yours, comment on discussions, and also take part in related forums.

Your print on demand business will thrive well when you expose it and relate to your customers. The human touch makes a big difference.


6) Solid value message

It is crucial to have a solid value proposition and message for your print on demand business. This will help make your business to be more unique and have a mission as well as helping in outdo your competitors.

Always make sure that the proposition is inspired by your vision and your motivation to sell to your customers. The message needs to be result-driven.

Do you remember in the earlier step you carried out of competitor analysis? Did you see your competitors’ strategies?

Find a solution to an existing problem your competitors are not focusing on. Ensure you connect at an emotional level with your customers. Before launching any new product put yourself in your customers’ shoes.


7) Have high-quality products

The competitor analysis and all that will be useless if you have low-quality products. That’s why it is vital to have high-quality product designs.

Yes, your print on demand business makes custom made T-shirts, mugs, leggings, hats, hoodies, and so on.

However, how do you display them on your website? If the images look blurry, no one will be willing to buy, however, if they are visually beautiful everyone will be willing to buy.

When they buy any commodity, ensure to seek feedback, and relate on a personal level. Also, your designers should always be ready to do thorough research to improve their design skills.

Use personalization in your various designs to make your customers happy about what they get. Be generous to your customers and offer special offers and discounts.


8) Have a live chat service

If your print on demand business website is not easy to navigate through, ensure you have a chatbot service.

When a visitor comes to your website, they can easily get confused about the next step to take, how to make purchases, and the print on demand designs you are offering.

Hence, an automated chatbot or live chat feature will help your customers to navigate better on the website site.

It can just be a simple automated chatbot that answers frequently asked questions on any topic a customer may have.

Also, ensure the search box is easy to find.




Print On Demand Business Sustainable Growth

I think now we are good to go, outdo our competitors and have sustainable growth.

As long as you have high-quality products, easy to navigate through website & blog, chat service, customer engagement, social media presence, value proposition, and great designers, you are in a great position in succeeding in your print on demand business and will be able to outdo your competitors.

If you are also trying to get insights on how to start a print on demand business keep these points in mind and ensure you provide a human touch to your audience at all times.