Print On Demand Designs You Must Avoid

Print On Demand Designs And Mistakes You Must Avoid

Starting a print on demand business is interesting. However, you need to understand there are certain print on demand designs and common mistakes that you need to avoid ensuring your business prospers.

However, you need to take care of what you take in and what you don’t. Even if it seems like all the print on demand designs sell, some can easily let you down. Hence, you need to be at the forefront to ensure you sell the right items.

This will help you when creating a business model and finding relevant licenses for your print on demand business.

Selling the wrong items can even lead you into a lot of trouble and even lead to loss rather than profit. You need to find items that are appealing and customers will be more than ready to invest in.


Print On Demand Designs To Avoid


Print On Demand Designs And Mistakes You Must Avoid

1) Trademarked and copyright products

There are certain trademarked products that you shouldn’t even think of selling in your store. If a design is trademarked or copyrighted, you need to be cautious of that. You can easily be sued, no wonder it is important to check out the online policies to know what works and what doesn’t.

Thereby, when working with a designer, you need to be cautious, they shouldn’t bring print on demand designs that are stolen. They need to be original.

It isn’t a crime, yes, to find inspiration from other person design, but not copying the same kind of design. Uniqueness is key in the prosperity of the sale of products to customers if you value your their loyalty. 

A trademark legally protects something that identifies a brand or company. Hence, you shouldn’t use it for your personal use or business. This goes for quotes, logos, brand slogans, and so on. You need to be cautious in your print on demand business! 

However, this depends on the country you are coming from. In some countries, they don’t have too many restrictions. However, you better be on the safe side.


2) Copied Designs

There is something sensitive about copying print on demand designs. You need to have unique designs. In the case that you are outsourcing from print on demand designs supplier like Plicks, you need to read their privacy and product policies to know how they go about selling their print on demand designs.

If you opt to outsource designs from a freelancer, do background research to know whether the freelancer offers unique print on demand designs or not. A great designer will have a portfolio, hence try and research about their designs. In this, you can rate their level of creativity.

If you are working with a platform like Plicks you can easily access their print on demand designs and see the variety that they have. You can then be able to know their origins and all that. A credible company can never leave any loophole for compromise.

People prefer personalization and designs that are unique enough. Just imagine walking from your house and finding your neighbor wearing the same t-shirt with a design like yours. How would you feel? Bored, right?

Hence, don’t allow your customers to feel that way about the products they buy from you. If they order something unique, do a great job. You need to target niche markets that no one else has and this will help you be a level ahead.


3) Print On Demand Designs without transparent backgrounds

If you want to get the best print on demand designs that can be used on a variety of products. They need to have a transparent background. This will ensure that the design can be used in a variety of color designs.

Those with a transparent background tend to look much better and simpler than those with opaque backgrounds. Hence, while outsourcing designs, you need to get the ones that will suit best. The background restrictions can cost you.

The color of the design needs to align well with the product it will be used. It may be used on a hoodie, t-shirt, mug, leggings, or something of the sort. Hence, ensure it suits perfectly.


4) Other Companies’ Print On Demand Business products

Yes, it is important to outdo your competitors, however, you shouldn’t do this, by copying their product design and niche. Instead, just see what strategy they are using, note your weaknesses, failures, and modify what is wrong.

At times, you may not know why your print on demand business is failing, however, if you do the proper analysis you will realize what is wrong.

You can copy your competitors’ print on demand designs and think you will have top sales like them. However, this may turn sour and your business may get compromised. Even if you need to get more profit, don’t compromise your business like that. Just start small and with time, your brand will grow and be one of the best.


5) Selling your logo is a No, No, No

Certain companies can sell their printed logo designs and get many sales. However, if you are running a print on demand business, don’t start selling your logo as a design to your customer. This is wrong, considering if you are not that well known.

Hence, provide unique print on demand designs for your customers. Unless your brand is big don’t try to use that as a marketing strategy.  First, remember to grow your customer base and find out the best strategies that will work for you.

Try your best to work with the customers in mind and their satisfaction as a top priority. Don’t fall short of that, and your print on demand business will succeed.




Factors to Consider For Print On Demand Business

In as much as you will get many dos and don’ts on how to run your print on demand business, you need to find the right strategies that will work for you.

Ensure personalization is a key thing. Create great rapport with your designer, to ensure they are creative enough with each passing day.

Hence, remember never to use trademarked designs, copyrighted designs, your logo design, designs without transparent backgrounds, and other companies’ print on demand designs.

All the best in your venture.