What to Consider Before Designing a T-shirt?

What to Consider Before Designing a T-shirt?

Designing a T-shirt isn’t that hard, it just depends on the needs, resources you have, budget, and why you need to design that T-shirt. There are a variety of t-shirts around, and you need to find the most appropriate one that can be suited by a certain design.

Just like clothes are for different occasions, the same goes for designing a t-shirt. You need to find the perfect design for the specific t-shirt. T-shirts are normally worn during sports, workouts, casually, and for events.

Hence, you need designing a t-shirt that will casually make one feel comfortable while in different places. Also, get to know how to start an online t-shirt business.


Factors To Consider Before Designing A T-shirt


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1) Purpose of the T-shirts

Before deciding designing a t-shirt, you need to have a purpose. Why are you making the t-shirt, is it for commercial or personal use? If it is for personal use, then it will have a more personalized look. Unlike, if it’s for commercial use.

This is because it may be for an event, for a special occasion, or mass production.

You need to put in a little bit of work when you are doing a mass production because many people will wear it. Hence, always consider making a good impression.


2) Know your budget for the T-shirt business

You need enough money to buy the requirements you need for your t-shirt business, hence, depending on your budget, you can know what kind of t-shirt designs you can make. 

If you are diving into a t-shirt business, you need to have enough capital to buy the plain t-shirt, ink, printer, maintenance of the printer, and operational costs. Hence, knowing your budget is a key thing.


3) Know your printing options

Before deciding designing a t-shirt, evaluate your printing options. Are you going to use the screen printing or vinyl printing method? This is important as you will know the kind of t-shirts that you can make and those that you can’t.

As mentioned earlier, your budget matters and the use of the t-shirt. You can compromise a t-shirt for personal use, but for commercial use, you need to make amazing designs for T-shirt business.


4) Brainstorm your design

As a creative, you need to have as many ideas as possible. Hence, have a collection of designs that you can use for your t-shirt business designs.

You need to have a great overview of designs you can make when a client comes and requests a certain design. You may join communities of designers to know what’s trending and what works for them.

It is important to work as a team. In as much as working alone can work, it is important to work as a team in T-shirt business. If you love drawing, that is a plus. Imagine drawing things or people and using that as your t-shirt designs? It will be amazing.


5) Know the t-shirt type

Tshirts are different in terms of their style, imagery, typography, color, and material. You need to browse through different style designs like on Pinterest. When purchasing a variety of plain t-shirts, ensure you get to know the various colors.

There are different shades of all the rainbow colors, and you need to know them all. This will help you when a client orders a certain design with a certain color. You will be more confident that you can make it. Hence, you need to be diverse.


6) Evaluate the design

It is important to evaluate the designs and t-shirt designs you make. As a beginner, you will start at a lower level than when you get to a professional level.

Hence, it is important to evaluate all the designs and get to know some new ideas that you can implement. Fresh ideas are great and will always make you be a step ahead. Be unique and make your designs stand out from the crowd.


7) Find a great printer

In every business, you need to invest wisely. This is because if you want to have high-quality t-shirt products, you need to have a great printer. This is like your ticket to success. Do market research to know what most people prefer when designing a t-shirt.


8) Consider your brand

In business, you need to be diverse, however, it is still important to consider your brand. Try as much as possible not to go out of your way to designing a T-shirt that can easily tarnish your brand name.

In work, ethics matters, hence, be specific to your clients on what you can do and what you cannot do. This is important for the continuation of your brand in T-shirt business. Remember, in a business, it is not about the capital you will get, but also what you provide to your customers.




High Selling Designs

It is important to know the best t-shirt design for your various designs. Therefore, you need to join communities of designers, to know what they consider as being a great design and what is already outdated.

Something that may have worked like a year ago may not be popular right now. For example, in the case of the world cup. Sports is normally the key thing during World Cup.

However, you can’t go on with the same trend, yet it is not the season.  Hence, always go with the trends of the moment. Get to know why the t-shirt business is a trend.