Best graphic design courses to get started with print on demand business

Best graphic design courses to get started with print on demand business

There are various ways in which one can gain skills to start the desired business. It all takes effort and a positive attitude. In this article we will discuss the best graphic design courses to master and get into the print on demand business industry.

Print on demand business is a kind of business that one works depending on the terms of orders by respective clients.

Print on demand could also be described as a printing technology business on materials such as t-shirts, mugs, book covers, shawls, hoodies, sweatshirts, and many other materials using various printing methods.

One can do this in a real-time class or even virtually, it all depends on you as an individual. There are various fields one should be familiar with when it comes to print on demand.

Such fields include graphic design, web design, animation, and Photoshop.

An important point to consider is what exactly you want to deal with in this print on demand business. You should also be sure that you are ready to face the challenges experienced in the business.


Best Graphic Design Courses For Print On Demand Business


Best graphic design courses

Here are some of the best graphic design courses to get started with on print on demand:

1. Graphic designs

This is the profession that consists of matters such as projecting visual communications intended to transmit messages to the respective audiences with specific objectives.

In this case, one will do the visual identity graphic design, art and illustration graphic design, publication graphic design and user interface graphic design.

One can learn graphic design on platforms such as Udemy, Udacity, and Skillshare. In the process of learning, you can meet with new designers and share ideas and maybe do projects together. Your social skills will also be improved.


2. Photoshop

This is a software application that is mainly used for image editing. In a print on demand business, this skill can be used by editing images or illustrations before orienting the respective designs on the given materials.

Photoshop could also complement your web designing skill if you already have them. If you acquire skills in raster editing, then you are good to go.

Raster editing involves an image that is made up of rows and columns of dots known as pixels. Photoshop can be learned in sites such as Lynda, Udemy, Photoshop Essentials, Phlearn, and many more.

Through Photoshop, one acquires skills such as manipulating images, creating graphics, and comprehending the interface.


3. Web design and development

This involves using HTML, PHP, and JavaScript to come up with a sensible website. This skill is important since you can create your website or online store to advertise your print on demand business to the world.

I will tell you for free that this skill required a lot of technical skills and consistency.

Creativity also matters when it comes to web design and development. You can learn this skill on sites such as Pluralsight, W3Schools, Lynda among others.


4. 3D animation

3D animation involves using motion to bring characters, props, vehicles among others to life within games, apps, and movies. One learns about character creation, walk cycles, 3D texturing, and key frame animation.

You can build your skills with popular visual effects applications such as Maya, 3D Max, After Effects, and many more. One can acquire 3D animation skills on sites such as Pluralsight, Udemy, Unity, Coursera, Udacity just to mention a few. 

Before getting into 3D animation, you should consider that creativity and keenness matter in this field.




Print on demand graphic design courses


It is true to say that these courses are not limited. You can just Google what you want and start learning, or even go through the respective sites that deal with such.

YouTube could also be a good place to start since you can see the work being done practically, and you can try to improve what is being shown. YouTube’s tutorials could also help you sharpen your skills.

As an individual, you have to eliminate the mentality that every course can be acquired in a physical school or even by using money. You do not have to limit yourself to the theory only, you can get practical teaching through YouTube, which is an advantage since you can run yourself efficiently.

Print on demand is a wide career, therefore you are free to choose the path you feel comfortable with to specialize in. An important point to remember is to be creative enough with your designs to avoid copy writing other people’s work.