How To Market Your Print On Demand Products?

How To Market Your Print On Demand Products?

So you already have your print on demand business going on. That’s awesome! However, how are your sales of your print on demand products? How do your customers relate to the designs you offer? How is your marketing strategy? 

Is your website getting the right amount of traffic you intended from the start? If your answer is NO! Then something is wrong.

I want to share with you some of the best marketing strategies you can use in your pint on demand business venture. If you have your ideal POD supplier like Plicks then your business should surely succeed. 


Best Marketing Strategies To Market Your Print On Demand Products


Best Marketing Strategies To Market Your Print On Demand Products

1) Well-detailed website and blog

Your website represents your business and your brand. Hence, it needs to be properly optimized with relevant information.

Your website should be purely for the print on demand products and business, don’t be a “jack of all trades” in your business.

The prime thing is to have relevant information on your website. That’s the first marketing strategy to embrace!


What your website should include?

  • Your website should showcase the custom made designs from your print on demand products and supplier. Thus, you need to be wise while making the choice. Invest in great website design, hire a good web developer to design your print on demand business website. You can even find a freelancer in the various online work platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, etc. In the same way that our first impression matters when we meet someone new, so does your website.
  • The front page also needs to be easy to navigate through. Hence, put yourself in your customer’s shoes to see how they would engage with your website. The colors used on the website also need to be compatible. You can’t expect a customer to order a custom made commodity from you when your website outlook is awful.
  • Another vital thing is your contact details, ensure they are visible on your website front page, footer, and contact page. If you have a blog, ensure the articles have relevant information concerning your specific niche
  • Ensure your website is optimized for search engines. Your links, images, titles, headings, and all the data should relate to each other. 
  • The product images should also look appealing. What meets the eye has a great impact on the psychology of someone. Let your print on demand business website market for you.
  • Have a great, catchy, introductory video that shows what your print on demand business is about. This is a current trend and if your website allows, try, and use at least one video. This is another great marketing strategy if someone is just skimming through your website.


2) Use social media platforms for your print on demand business

In as much as you may think that every business is promoting its products on social media and you won’t have a gap to fill.

Well, that’s not completely true. Not only is your social media platform for marketing your print on demand products, but also it is essential for engaging with your customers.

Thus ensure you create an account on all social media platforms.


A short overview of using social media platforms

  • Facebook – Creating a Facebook account and page is free. Invite your friends, family, and customers to like your page. You will be using the page to give important news about your print on demand products and services. Also, through the messenger app, you can answer customer inquiries and can even connect it to your chatbot and get instant messages. The advantage of Facebook is that it allows you to have a great, diverse audience. Hence, when you get instant orders, they will be delivered directly to your customers. Thus, ensure your print on demand supplier is reliable. 
  • Instagram – It has many users and if you use it well, you will get DMs of orders faster. Just like Facebook, it is simple to create an account, but you can opt to open a business account rather than a personal account. When you get a great following, you can be promoting your various custom made products through the platform. 
  • Pinterest – This is another amazing platform that allows you to create an account and have pins. Being in a creative industry, you can showcase some of the print on demand products you have and redirect it to your website. You can also get creative ideas from there.
  • Twitter – There are many active users on twitter. However, you need to promote your print on demand products here in a professional way. This is a great place to engage with your customers and learn about current trends. Hence, learn how to use the hashtags, and the current trending topics to tweet for a larger audience.


3) Email campaigns and content marketing

You need to use the best marketing strategies for the utmost success. In terms of email marketing and content marketing; ensure your blog has a subscription form.

This will help build your mailing list and send out alerts when you acquire new product designs. Also, in your email marketing strategy, be sending discount codes to your audience, this will urge them to want to make more purchases. 

This will help you to speak better to your potential customers. The more segmented your marketing approach is, the more personalized, it will be to your audience.

Also, if you are part of a platform that allows you to make sales through their platform, you can still reach out to your target audience to drive more sales.


4) Assess your offline market potential

Yes, a print on demand business thrives well online. However, have you tried checking whether people are ready to buy your print on demand products from you offline?

Well, if you have event T-shirt bundles, sports t-shirt bundles, and professional t-shirt bundles that your print on demand supplier can offer. Why not approach firms, companies, institutions, or event planners, and showcase what you offer?

Yes, things are digitalizing, but remember, there is still a huge market offline that is inexhaustible. If it can work, good for you, use that and sell your custom made print on demand products.

Once, anyone orders, you can easily fulfill the order if you have a reliable print on demand supplier like Plicks. The faster you are with orders, the more customers come.


5) Provide discounts, special offers, and have testimonials

Provide discounts on your print on demand products once in a while, if a customer decides to buy many custom made products, why not cut on the cost. Also, on special occasions, provide special offers.

Whenever your customers purchase from you, let them review the print on demand products and offer testimonies.

This will help potential customers to have confidence in your products. Reading reviews and testimonies helps potential customers to make decisions fast.

Also, if your customers are willing, they can take pictures while wearing the custom made products they bought from your venture as a form of testimony. Many people prefer seeing such real evidence.


6) Beautiful photos of the print on demand products

When you outsource designs from a supplier, the images will come in the form of a mock up. You can be unique and try to request them to provide samples, then take unique photos of the best final print on demand products.

This will make more people excited about ordering from you. What meets the eye plays a big role in persuading a customer to buy. Don’t use the common photos everyone uses, be unique.

The print on demand product descriptions should also be enticing. Thus, if you have your website, ensure you customize the descriptions to talk to the customers. Let it be valuable to the customer. If you are using a platform, ensure you optimize what you offer to be appealing.




Print On Demand ProductsAlso, remember that content is king, ensure your website and blog have relevant information. The contact details need to be easy to locate. Also, make creating an account easy too. 

Make sure you have a privacy policy and terms and conditions to ensure the users are secure when using your platform.

If you have an integrated payment method, ensure it is secure and no third party can access and use the data against your customers.

If you use the various marketing strategies you will be in a great position in succeeding in your print on demand business.