Advantages and Disadvantages of Print On Demand Business

Advantages and Disadvantages of Print On Demand Business

Print on demand business is a type of business whereby you work with a supplier to customize their products. This is by using your designs and sell them when the supplier receives orders, but sell under your brand.

For example, printing t-shirts for a supplier and selling them when orders are received, but sell through your business.

You should be aware that this involves using the supplier’s platform to sell your products. The platform is like an online store in which you face some monthly expenses for using it.


Print On Demand Business Advantages And Disadvantages


Print On Demand Business Advantages:


Print On demand business advantages

1. Act as promotional material

Most companies have their unique logos and mostly use t-shirts to promote their brand. Therefore, one can get a bulk order from a company to print quality t-shirts with their respective logos and promotional material to promote their companies.

For example, a company has a road promotion and engages certain individuals to dance to get their branded t-shirts with the company’s logo.

By doing this, the respective people who won them can wear them whenever they want and would be like advertising the company to other people around who see it.


2. Great giveaway gifts which attract customers

T-shirts are great giveaway gifts. People love free things and would sometimes do anything to get them.

This is where you advertise offers on the platform you are using. For instance, informing the target audience if they bought a certain number of printed sportswear from you, they would get a gift from your shop.


3. Promotes creativity

Through this, you can improve your creativity on how to print the garments or different designs, as well as figuring out new techniques to simplify work. This kind of work is managed by oneself.

A little tip for this would be having fresh ideas depending on what season it is. This means that if something is trending, update it as something you could produce for your customers.


4. Cheap to run since one focuses on the respective product

It is easy to run since the products involved are minimal, or in other words are in the same category. The products are also not as costly, which is favorable.


5. Wide market

Since it is an online platform involved, it tends be promoted in a wide market and to reach many people both locally and internationally. The printers used can take orders from any part of the world, provided the shipping costs will be sorted by the clients.


6. One has the freedom to work/focus on what he or she is good at

In print on demand business, you are the one who starts it, and you can decide what you want to work with. For example, if you want to be dealing with mugs instead of t-shirts and other related garments. It all depends on your passion.


7. It is easy to start

It is simple in the sense that you only require to sign in, create a presentable profile and add products that you are offering to your account.


Print On Demand Business Disadvantages:


Print On Demand Business Disadvantages

1. The prints do not last forever

You do not expect the prints on t-shirts to last for too long before it starts peeling off in bits. To be honest, the print quality is very good that would last long, but not long enough to avoid peeling.


2. Does not have an expert opinion

You should be aware that this kind of business needs good planning and organization to succeed. Good planning applies where you are to print in bulk, and you need a good plan on how to do it.

The respective clothes have to be ordered, and the supplier should agree with your plan as well as having the desired design. At some point, this planning and organization require an expert.


3. Expensive for small outdated printers

This field of business requires digital systems. If you tend to use an outdated small printer, you will incur more costs while trying to acquire other resources to complement your present printer.


4. Limited for simple products only

Print on demand business is favorable to simple garments such as t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. Therefore, if you want to deal with more complex items, this print on demand business would not be fit for you.


5. Competition is tough

It might be very difficult to have your product stand out from the others produced by many other people who deal with print on demand business. You should therefore have a unique idea of how you will do your work to attract people.


6. Lack of good relationship with customers, thus no feedback

In the print on demand business, you do not directly interact with your customers. This is because you print the ordered quantity, which is communicated by the supplier to you.

You will be selling the products on the supplier’s site. This disadvantages the one doing the print work, since he or she will not be getting feedback from customers regarding the products. One also misses the chance for exposure, which may promote oneself.


7. Must face monthly expenses for using the platform

This print on demand business involves using the respective supplier’s site as a platform to sell your products. This platform offered is not for free. One meets monthly expenses and this is the part you are supposed to consider your provider before starting Print On Demand business.



In conclusion, you should be aware of the Print On demand business advantages and disadvantages to deal well with them. Also, you should be wise while pricing your products. This is because customers are mostly attracted by relatively lower prices. You should therefore do your calculations well to figure out how you will keep your prices low but still getting a profit.

If you are out of ideas or want to start up, you can look at different kinds of art on different social media platforms where you will gain an idea or two. 

Having good product descriptions and very unique designs would also work as a plus for you. This print on demand business is not limited to people who studied textile or design-related courses. The main thing is having passion.

It is easier said than done, but if you want it to work your way, you have to try out different things.