Top 7 Profitable Niche For Print On Demand Business

Top 7 Profitable Niche For Print On Demand Business

Entrepreneurs are always eager to find credible and profitable niche ideas to start their first online business. Well, print on demand business can be a great idea to make a considerable impression on the market.

As a beginner, you may find inventory management difficult. It can also be risky to keep the bulk collection, without even knowing about market demands. In such situations, print on demand business offers an easy way to set up your business in the competitive market.

The idea behind running a print on demand business is to establish a connection with a print on demand supplier and serve audience requirements on order basis. But the biggest challenge for new-age entrepreneurs is to choose a potential profitable niche for their print on demand business.

Although there are unlimited options in the competitive market, it is important to pick a product with the potential to capture the audience’s attention. You may need to do some market research to know the requirements and preferences of your target customers.

This analysis will help you choose the most relevant product idea, and it increases the chances of success for your business.


Seven profitable niche ideas for your print on demand business


Below we have highlighted seven profitable niche ideas for your print on demand business; they will help you to make an easy selection:

1. Custom designed T-shirts

One of the most widely known print on demand business products is custom designed t-shirts. These apparels are loved by men, women, and kids of all age groups; moreover, they never become outdated. Thus, such an option guarantees you of demand year-long.

You can find some creative print options at the Plicks platform to impress your audience. When you are eager to save more on prints, you can also choose 2000+ Tshirt Design Mega Sale or Master Collection package on this platform.

These professionals can help you save while ensuring a satisfied customer base in the market.


Profitable Niche in Print on demand business


2. Leggings

Leggings have become a trend in the market, and the demand is continuously growing.

You can add leggings into your product list for print on demand business. It is possible to capture the audience’s attention by following your unique and custom print ideas.

People love the uniqueness and if you provide a wide variety of leggings design, many customers will be drawn to your products.


3. Tank Tops

Just as T-shirts, people are always attracted to the tank top collection. They are one of the most purchased clothing items during summer. You can find many creative design ideas for tank tops to make them cool and catchy.

They are loved by males and females as well; so, you can create some gender-specific prints as well. The latest design collections at Plicks can help you find some ideas to impress your audience.


4. Hoodies and sweatshirts

You must be having a couple of hoodies and sweatshirts in your closet. These attires are known for their ultimate comfort and attractive casual look. People love to wear them in the winter season to stay warm and look stylish.

You can find some sports theme-based print ideas or look for some motivational quotes to raise demands for these apparels. It is also possible to impress the audience with occasion-specific collections and combos.


Profitable Niche Print On Demand T-shirts


5. Hats

Well, there is endless love for hats, and they never go out of style. People are always curious to find some unique hat designs that can fit their personality and style. Some of the most common options in the market are baseball hats, dad hats, and trucker hats.

You can make them look more impressive with printed designs. It is also possible to create some unique combos of T-shirts and hats to serve the audience during some sports events.


6. Phone cases

Here is another top-selling item and profitable niche in the market that you can custom-make for your print on demand business. Phone cases have a way of making our phones look better. Your phone can be a common brand, but the introduction of a customized phone case can make it look more unique.

It is a trend to upgrade smartphones in every one or two years, and whenever people buy a new phone, they look for a custom and creative cover. You can capture the audience’s attention to your stylish design ideas.

The demand will never slow-down in the coming years, but it depends on what kind of impression you can create among the audience.


phone case designs


7. Tote bags

Ladies are always in love with tote bags, and they love to carry unique printed designs. You can serve the unique demands of customers with your print on demand business. This will help to give shape to the patterns loved by your customers.

You can ask about their preferences on social media and then create a buzz in the market with unique prints. Nowadays, many consumers are looking for some solid tote bags that can replace plastic shopping bags while reducing environmental impact. You can serve their desires with unique product collections.



It is high time for you to impress the audience with your creative and stylish profitable niche. The print on demand suppliers can make your dreams come true with a reputed brand impression in the market.

Also, while choosing a specific profitable niche, ensure you do thorough research to know your competitors and market trends. Even if at some point the demand may be low, try to make more unique designs that will boost your business.