What Resources Do You need To Start a T-shirt Business?

What Resources Do You need To Start a T-shirt Business?

Starting a print on demand T-shirt business can be hectic at first if you don’t know exactly what you need. In this article, we will share with you some equipment or resources you will need before starting a print on demand t-shirt business.

They are the usual kind, but at times, you may take that for granted. Whenever a custom t-shirt business starts, you may need some commercial screen printing equipment to get the most from your printing.


Resources Needed To Start Print On Demand T-shirt Business


Print On Demand T-shirt Business Resources

1) Printers

Well, one printer may work for you if you are doing small-scale production. However, if you are lavishing into large-scale production in T-shirt business, you might as well, have more than one printer. However, this depends on what you are willing to put into your T-shirt business.

This will also mean a higher maintenance cost to ensure the printers work as they should. However, if you are getting great returns, why not have enough equipment?

In business, it is worth, taking the risks and doing much by moving out of your comfort zone. The major printers that printing businesses use are inkjet, laser, sublimation, and solvent printers.

 Well, solvent printers are among the best as they offer amazing graphics. However, they are a bit pricey, but the t-shirts they make are great. Hence, are most appropriate for large-scale production in T-shirt business.


2) Computer

When starting a t-shirt business, you will also need a PC, whether it is Windows, Mac, or Linux. You can’t always work on your phone or tablet. You need to do use a computer with a great graphics program.

Hence, remember, you also need to create mockups. It will help you with payment, inventory, and ordering functions. It is also ideal for managing your business.

You will need to keep records of orders, income, and operational costs. You need to keep track of what you use in your T-shirt business for more prosperity.


3) Graphic Design Programs

There are amazing graphic design programs that you can use to make proper designs for your t-shirts. Hence, you need to invest in a good one. You also need to be creative enough to know what you can create.

Diversity of designs will also make your customers have confidence in you at all times. There is a wide variety of software you can get from Adobe.

Specifically, CorelDraw and Photoshop are among the best programs that you can use.


4) Transfer Paper

What do you think t-shirt business companies use to transfer images from printers to other materials? Well, you will need a transfer that helps you to easily transfer your designed images from the printer to other materials.

However, for that to be possible, it requires a heat press.

Hence, you need to find an appropriate heat press for that purpose. Making customized t-shirts isn’t that easy and is a handful.

Also, you will need a cutter and its program to create stencils for screen printing. The cutters typically cut out the design on the cutter program.


5) Great Designer

In the case, that you are not a specific designer, you need to get a great designer to help you in designing the artistic stuff for your clients.

If you have a print on demand T-shirt business, you can even outsource designs from freelancers on various platforms. Then you can use the mockups to advertise the kinds of designs that you can make.

In a t-shirt business, it is hard to work alone, unless you know how to handle the design and technical aspects.


6) Get A Great Marketing Strategy

In every business, you need to have a great marketing strategy that works for you. This is because you need to market your t-shirts. There is no need to have great designs and not have a great marketing strategy for that. You will never prosper in any way possible.

Hence, on top of having the best equipment, you also need to know how to market your business. Hence, a secret to a prosperous business is doing enough market research to know how people in the same field are prospering and whether you can use the gap to do more.


7) Communities

There are a couple of design communities on the internet. You can join any of them, and you will get great design inspirations that you can use in your T-shirt business.

Resources don’t always need to be physical but can also come in terms of insights, advice, and sharing.

You may even meet someone with the same interests as you there. Hence, you can build a great profile and this will even help to grow your T-shirt business.


8) Invest In Social Media Sites

A t-shirt business requires having great visuals to attract your customers. Hence, you need to have a great social media presence.

You may use Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to market your products.

Try and invest in physical resources as well as internet resources. That will help you to be a step ahead always.




T-shirt Business

For a successful T-shirt business, invest in good resources that will help you in the long run. Hence, also the physical, personnel matter.

Also, don’t just start a print on demand t-shirt business before considering what you will need, do market research, and know the best strategies to use.